The Municipality of Bajina Basta has received significant technical improvements in the waste management system, which is also reflected in the collection and treatment of large quantities of waste, especially dry selected components and in the treatment of waste of animal origin.

The selected waste collection has increased in the city area, and also expanded to the rural local communities which provides a cleaner environment in the rural area in the long run.

The introduction of the waste selection system is being successfully completed in the municipalities of Visegrad and Han Pijesak. The project partners from BiH are using the experiences of colleagues from Bajina Basta in order to overcome the initial problems and achieve better results.

Bajina Basta will prepare an appropriate project for the future composting plant based on clear input parameters obtained from the established pilot composting plant.  Composting plant will fulfill the capacity and technology needs of a small town on the right bank of the Drina.