Operating structure(s) shall be established by the IPA III beneficiary to implement and manage the IPA III assistance (Article 10, IPA III Implementing Regulation).

The Operating Structures within IPA II Cross-border Cooperation Programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina 2021 -2027 are as follows:

Republic of Serbia Bosnia and Herzegovina
IPA Managing Authority CBC Structures
Government of the Republic of Serbia

Ministry of European Integration

 Nemanjina 34

 11000 Belgrade, Serbia


Directorate for European Integration



Đoke Mazalića 5


71000 Sarajevo, BIH

The Intermediate Body for financial management (IBFM) Control Body
Government of the Republic of Serbia

Ministry of Finance

 Central Financing and Contracting Unit (CFCU) of the Republic of Serbia

Sremska 3-5, 11 000 Belgrade

Ministry of Finance and Treasury of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sector for financing Programmes and Project from European union fonds

Trg BiH 1

71000 Sarajevo


Structures and authorities

  1. The following structures shall be involved in the management of cross-border cooperation programmes in the IPA III beneficiaries:

(a)  the NIPACs of the countries participating in the cross-border cooperation programme and, where applicable, the territorial cooperation coordinators, which are jointly responsible for ensuring that the objectives set out in the proposed cross-border cooperation programmes are consistent with the objectives in the IPA III programming framework;

(b)  the NAO and the Management Structure of the lead IPA III beneficiary when the cross-border programme is implemented in indirect management;

(c)  the cross-border cooperation structures in all the participating IPA beneficiaries which shall cooperate closely in the programming and implementation of the relevant cross-border cooperation programme. In case of indirect management the cross-border cooperation structure in the lead IPA III beneficiary shall perform the tasks of the Managing Authority. The Managing Authority shall designate Intermediate Bodies.

(d)  the Audit Authority as referred to in Article 10(1), point (e), when the cross-border programme is implemented in indirect management with the IPA III beneficiary.

  1. The IPA II beneficiaries and countries under the European Neighbourhood Instrument participating in a cross- border cooperation programme shall establish a JMC which shall also fulfil the role of the sectoral monitoring committee referred to in Article 19.
  2. A Joint Technical Secretariat shall be set up to assist the Commission, the operating structures and the JMC.

The operating structure shall be responsible for the implementation, information and visibility, monitoring and reporting of programmes, and the evaluation thereof whenever relevant, in accordance with the principle of sound financial management, and for ensuring the legality and regularity of the expenditure incurred in the implementation of the programmes under its responsibility.