The Joint Monitoring Committee of the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Serbia – Bosna and Herzegovina  2014-2020, is a permanently acting body established in accordance with Art. 52.2 of the Commission Implementing Regulation 447/2014 of 2 May 2014 on the specific rules for implementing regulation (EU) no 231/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing an Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (“IPA II Implementing Regulation”), and Art. 78 of the Framework Agreement.

The participating countries shall establish a JMC no later than six months from the entry into force of the first Financing Agreement.

In order to fulfill its role in accordance with Article 78 of Framework Agreement the JMC shall:

(a) be responsible for identifying the thematic priorities, specific objectives, target beneficiaries and specific focus of each call for proposals which shall be endorsed by the Commission;

(b) examine and provide an advisory opinion on the list of operations selected through calls for proposals before the grant award decision.The contracting authority shall adopt the final decision on the award of grants;

(c) review the progress made in relation to achieving the specific objectives, expected results and targets per thematic priority as set out in the cross-border cooperation programme, on the basis of the information provided by the operating structures of the participating countries. Progress is monitored against the indicators set up in the cross-border cooperation programme;

(d) examine relevant findings and conclusions as well as proposals for remedial follow-up actions stemming from the on-the-spot checks, monitoring and evaluations if available;

(e) approve any proposal to revise the cross-border cooperation programme. Whenever needed, it can make proposals to amend the cross-border cooperation programme as referred to in Article 68 of FWA, to ensure the achievement of the objectives of the cross-border cooperation programme and enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the IPA II assistance. The JMC can also make recommendations as to how to improve the implementation of the cross-border cooperation programme;

(f) examine and approve the communication and visibility plan for the cross-border cooperation programme;

(g) examine and approve the evaluation plan referred to in Art. 57(2) of the FWA;

(h) examine and approve the annual and final reports on implementation referred to in Art. 80 of the FWA;

(i) examine and approve the annual work plan of the Joint Technical Secretariat.

The JMC shall meet at least twice a year. Ad-hoc meetings may also be convened at the initiative of the participating countries or the Commission. The Chair, in cooperation with the partner OS and supported by the JTS, shall be responsible for the organisation of the meeting. Optionally meetings could be arranged in video conference.