The overall objective/impact of the programme is:

To promote good neighbourly relations, foster union integration and enhance the socio-economic development of the programme cross-border area through social and economic inclusion of specific groups, especially youth, and the competitiveness of tourism.


The specific objectives, and types of activities are defined per thematic priority as follows:


Thematic priority 1: Investing in youth, education and skills
Specific Objective 1.1. To enhance youth activism and youth socio-economic participation
Results: 1.1.1. Social integration and economic prospects of youth are improved


 Indicative list of Activities
-Joint training activities,

-Promotion of dialogue and critical thinking among youth,

– Implementation of youth entrepreneurial activities,

– Youth activism and volunteering

– Support to youth from vulnerable groups,

– Implementation of innovative measures for the involvement of youth in society (e.g. through new technologies and digitalisation);                                                  

Specific Objective 1.2. To increase the employability of specific groups
Results: 1.2.1. Professional skills and competences of specific groups are improved


Indicative list of Activities
-Joint trainings for specific skills and competences with proven market demand,

– Training and vocational training schemes aimed at vulnerable groups with emphasis in the use of modern technologies and digitalization,

-Re-training of redundant workers from large traditional industrial systems

– development of new, innovative training models or curricula (formal and non-formal),

-Enhancement of cooperation with employers to enable internships and first job experiences;


Thematic priority 2: : Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage


Specific Objective 2.1. Sustainable tourism (incl. cultural and natural heritage) contributing to economic development of the cross-border region

2.1.1. Joint cross-border tourism products/ initiatives are developed/ upgraded


2.1.2. Natural and cultural sites are preserved

Indicative list of Activities
– development and promotion of joint cross-border tourism products/services

– networking of tourism providers from both sides of the border

– involvement of specific groups in tourism development

– development of niche tourism– sport, adventure, culinary, rural tourism

 – connecting tourism with other sectors, for example agriculture and food processing industry

-renovation of tourism infrastructure

– equipping of tourism sites in the region

– digitalisation in tourism

– specialist training of tourism workers and providers

– innovative and technological approaches to development, promotion and implementation of cross-border tourism offers

– introduction of quality standards for tourism providers



–        implementation of preservation action plans

–         small renovation works and equipping of natural and cultural heritage

–         prevention of risks for users of natural and cultural sites citizens and incoming tourists

–         information and digital solutions in preservation of cultural and natural heritage