Within the project “3E”, Sabac and Visoko will try to contribute to the reduction of labor shortages in the metal industry of both cities. The project partners will support employment and increase employment opportunities in the area of the Mačva district and Zenica-Doboj Canton.

Sabac will share the acquired knowledge and experience in the field of employment. The training center will respond to the needs of the labor market by offering various accredited trainings for improving the knowledge and skills of the unemployed.


Following the example Visoko will establish employment partnership and develop its local employment action plan to contribute to the reduction of unemployment.

Nemanja Pajic, project manager emphasized “The city of Sabac has a long tradition of good relations with BiH and this is the reason I particularly hope that the project ” 3E “will achieve the planned goals through the exchange of experiences, opinions and activities. The most important thing is that the unemployed people acquire new practical skills in real working circumstances and get a job as soon as possible. I believe that the experiences and results from the numerous projects will contribute to the implementation and enforcement of this project, and its goals will be achieved in full capacity. “