Set up and organization

In line with Article 79 of the Framework Agreements, a Joint Technical Secretariat shall be set up to assist the Commission, the cross-border cooperation structures, the Managing Authority and the Joint Monitoring Committee.

The Joint Technical Secretariat is esablished for the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina  2021-2027, with the main office located in Užice, the Republic of Serbia (Address: St Nemanjina 52, Užice), with an Antenna Office in Tuzla, BIH (Address: Turalibegova bb, TC Pasaž
75000 Tuzla).  

Organisation and staffing of the joint technical secretariat

The JTS is composed of staff appointed by both Operating Structures. The number and qualification of staff correspond to the tasks defined below. Staff of the JTS should cover the relevant languages –Serbian/ Bosnian and English.

The operation of the JTS, including staffing costs, is funded from the Technical Assistance Priority Axis. More detailed rules on the operation of the JTS are included in a bilateral agreement between the Operating Structures.

Its activities will be carried out according to a work plan annually approved by the JMC.

Tasks of the JTS

The Joint Technical Secretariat may be responsible in line with Article 79(7) of the Framework Agreements, for the following tasks:

  • organise meetings of the JMC, including draft and distribute minutes;
  • assist potential applicants in partner search and project development, organising information days and workshops; develop and maintain a network of stakeholders;
  •  assist beneficiaries and partners in the implementation of operations;
  • prepare, conduct and report on monitoring activities of cross-border cooperation operations;
  • establish a system for gathering reliable information on the cross-border cooperation programme implementation;
  • provide inputs to annual and final implementation reports on the cross–border programme;
  • plan and implement information campaigns and other activities related to raising public awareness on the cross-border cooperation programme including the publication of publicity material on the cross-border programme and maintenance of the cross-border cooperation programme website.

In addition, through support and monitoring of operations Joint Technical Secretariat shall provide relevant information to Contracting Authority indicating necessity for potential corrective measures with regards to the operation itself in line with its duties.