The project promotes better cooperation between different actors. Also, the project  is innovative for both partners and includes the exchange of best practices in the cross-border area.

Trough successful implementation, project will contribute to coordination and cooperation in relation to the emergency management system in case of fire in the cross-border area. In the municipalities of Rogatica and Bajina Basta the management of fire systems, prevention, response and rescue capacities will be improved. The sustainable development in cross border region will be achieved by improving human capacities, upgrading technical capacities, exchanging best practices and networking, “said Zorana Bojović, project manager.

 Also, the project actors point out that during the realization of the project, the human capacities of the Municipality of Rogatica, Tara National Park, the Municipality of Bajina Basta and relevant forest farms will be strengthened. Employees of fire brigades, forest farms, as well as representatives of protected area managers and civil protection representatives will be trained. A contribution is also expected in strengthening the capacity of the fire service for prevention and rescue.