Meetings were held in Šabac, on 23 and 24.01.2014, between partners, associates, co-financiers and the Committee for supervision of the project “Strengthening professional adult education in rural areas”, which is implemented under the Second Call of cross-border cooperation between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, financed by the EU pre-accession IPA funds.


On the first day a meeting was held between representatives of Caritas Šabac and Caritas of Bishops’ Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The aim of the meeting was the organization and coordination of the following project activities.


The next day, the first meeting was held between the representatives of Caritas Šabac and Caritas of Bishops’ Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina with representatives of Caritas Belgium, which co-funded the project and carries out regular monitoring and supervision of project activities. Subsequently a meeting was held with representatives of the Committee for supervision of the project, which consists of representatives of organizations and institutions that collaborate on the project at the local level, where they have presented the current activities, summarized the results and made ​​a plan for the continuation of the project.


Partners emphasized the willingness and desire to continue cooperation in order to ensure sustainability of project activities and also the implementation of new projects through future EU calls for proposals. The ideas for future projects were presented at the meeting. The visit ended with a tour visit to “Vila Albedo” in Varna, where guests had the opportunity to learn about the best practices in the field of rural tourism and after that they visited the plant in Pocerski Pricinovic, where they saw a method of drying and processing of medicinal plants.