Center for Equitable Regional Development – CenTriR (Belgrade) and Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Republika Srpska (Bijeljina) announce call for participation in 2 three-day seminars for high school students fromUžice, Čajetina, Nova Varoš and Prijepolje. The seminars will be organized in Srebrenica (6-9 February 2014) and Zlatibor (beginning of March 2014).

A total of 16 students will be selected at the competition – four from each gymnasium in the aforementioned municipalities, who will, together with the same group of students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, attend two seminars in Srebrenica and Zlatibor in order to strengthen their capacities to identify and actively address problems in their communities. After attending the seminars, participants will, with the support of their mentors, design and implement local actions in their municipalities.



The students are supposed to:

• attend a gymnasium in one of the following municipalities/cities – Užice, Nova Varoš, Prijepolje) or secondary school in Čajetina

• attain the age of majority

• have a valid identity card or passport to cross the border

• obtain approval of at least one of the parents to participate in seminars

• attend all lectures at seminars both in Srebrenica and in Zlatibor

• be willing to implement the local actions in their municipalities after attendance at seminars.


How to apply:

• Filled in application, which can be downloaded here, should be sent by e-mail to: no later than 30/01/2014, 5 PM.

• Asproof of parentsapproval, it is sufficient to state their names and phone number, because they will be contacted after a preliminary selection of participants in order to verify that they are acquainted with applications for participation in seminars and that they agree with it. Afterwards, the final list of participants in seminars be drawn up and all applicants will be notified no later than 03/02/2014.

The organizer of the seminar will bear all costs (transportation by mini – bus, accommodation, meals, working material) for all participants in seminars, thanks to the donation of the EU which supports the project “Youth –the most significant engine of our region”. This project is jointly implemented by partner organizations Center for Equitable Regional Development – CenTriR and the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Republika Srpska, through the IPA Cross-border Programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina. All schools are already familiar with the implementation of the project, so that CenTriR will, together with the local youth offices, justify absence from school of all selected participants.

Prospective participants are expected to bring good cheer and good will toacquire new knowledge and skills through interactive work with lecturers and peers from the region, which will help them to advocate youth activism in their local communities.

For any questions, you can contact by phone on: 011/3240-143011/3240-143 and 063/8129-119 or by e-mail:, contact person – Milica Hrnjaz.


Additional information can be found on the web site Center for Equitable Regional Development – CenTriR