Regional cross-border workshop entitled: “Wild plants and the ways of collecting it” has been organized in Fojnica (BIH), within the project “Strengthening the professional education of adults in rural areas”, which is implemented under the Second Call IPA Cross-border Programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina, financed by the European Union pre-accession IPA funds.

Participants in the workshop were students of the courses for the collection and processing of medicinal plants in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and partnership project teams Caritas Šabac and Caritas Bishops’ Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Dr. Slavoljub Tasić from the Institute “Josif Pančić” (Belgrade) led the workshop, which was characterized by a great interest among the participants and interactive work.

The aim of the workshop for 20 participants was to improve knowledge about collecting and processing of medicinal plants, which should help them fulfill their entrepreneurial ideas. Basic information about channels of distribution and packaging were also given at the workshop. In addition, intercultural and cross border ties have been strengthened by initiating partnership and possible cooperation between people living in rural areas on both sides of the border.