The Municipality of Novo Sarajevo in partnership with the Municipality of Ilijaš and the National Youth Council of Serbia, as well as with the municipalities of Sremska Mitrovica and Loznica implement the project SYSTEM with aim to increase employment opportunities. The goal will be achieved through joint activities such as developing new mechanisms to support self-employment, implementing of joint programs, education, and knowledge transfer as well as raising awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship.

“Through the project activities we have opportunity to systematically create support for self-employment and continuously work on improving conditions and creating a favorable business environment”, said Azra Prašović, project manager.

Mayor of Novo Sarajevo dr. Hasan Tanović points out that Novo Sarajevo is the open and desirable partner for cooperation, which will be proved in the next period. The project is in line with the strategic goals of the development of the Municipality and it is the result of increased activities and commitment of local administration to create and use available funds from EU funds, as well as the establishment of long-term cooperation with local communities at the regional level.