After the implementation of a series of activities within the project “Zero Waste Municipalities”, the mapping of wild landfills in 6 municipalities was successfully carried out and a GIS system for monitoring their locations was developed.

The activity consisted of the development of interactive GIS maps with the locations of illegal landfills and the cleaning of landfills in 6 municipalities. Based on the created GIS maps, one illegal landfill will be selected in each pilot municipality, the cleaning of which will be carried out within the project. Containers will be placed at the site of wild dumps to prevent their reoccurrence. In cooperation with the representatives of the pilot municipalities, the mapping of the locations of illegal landfills was carried out. The developed GIS maps will make it easier for public utility companies to locate landfills in the pilot municipalities.

GIS maps are publicly available and can be accessed via the following links:

After the implementation of a series of activities within the project “Zero Waste Municipalities”. The created GIS map for the area of the municipality of Ilijaš will contribute to a more effective monitoring of the locations of possible illegal landfills. Conscientious citizens and business entities can use GIS maps for easier identification of law breakers and quick warning of local administration and PUC on waste disposal irregularities, while a smaller part of unscrupulous citizens and business entities will develop a fear that they are violating the provisions of positive legal regulations. Also, non-governmental organizations that deal with environmental protection through GIS maps will have a better insight into the state of the environment and the waste management system. All together will contribute to proper waste disposal, reducing the number of illegal landfills, lower costs of removing illegal landfills, which will result in better waste management, a cleaner and healthier environment” – concluded Sadik Alić, communal inspector in the Municipality of Ilijaš.