On Thursday 24th and Friday 25th of April 2014, a joint cross-border study visit in Šabac for the attendants of vocational trainings in the field of agriculture – beekeeping programme, has been organized by Caritas Šabac and Caritas BK BiH, within the project „Strengthening professional adult education in rural areas“.

On the first day of the visit, guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina had a chance to get to know history, cultural heritage and sights of the city of Šabac, which were presented to them by the representatives of the Tourist organization of Šabac and attendants of vocational trainings in the field of tourism.

During the next day, joint workshop has been held. Guests were welcomed by the president of Beekeepers Association of Šabac, Branislav Djuricic, who presented the work of the Association, its history and current situation in the field of beekeeping in Šabac. Lecture on the subject of bee diseases and bee protection was held by beekeeping expert, Viden Momcilovic. After the theoretical part, attendants had chance to familiarise themselves with practical examples, by visiting the producer of beekeeping equipment from Majur and his apiary – Dragan Djuric.

Both, guests and hosts were satisfied with the joint visit, which had multiple aims, with strengthening of the cross border cooperation being the primarily one, making new contacts and exchange of experiences, etc.

The project: “Strengthening professional adult education in rural areas” is implemented within II call of IPA cross border programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina, financed by the European Union, from the pre accession IPA funds.