Trained personnel and skilled workers are one of the most important factors that can improve development and increase productivity in the metal industry and therefore companies should invest in human resource development because it is the only way to be present and survive in the international market . Number of skilled labor in the metal industry is continually decreases which is confirmed by the current state of the labor market that faces a lack of skilled workers needed in enterprises ( CNC operators, CAD / CAM programmers, welders, locksmiths).

The lack of adequately skilled workforce in the metal sector has required to conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) which targets small and medium-sized enterprises in the EUMETAL 2 project. Training needs analysis is an essential first step in the human resources development.

The research included 39 companies (20 in Serbia and 19 in B&H) and analysis has provided the following information:

a) Need for training (TNA) – needs of selected companies in the metal industry, in terms of human resource capacity building through additional education.

b)Level of fulfillment of the requirements for the export of metal industry products to the European Union.

Final TNA report is available here.