Representatives of project and expert associates from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina visited a series of archaeological parks and museums in EU member states, in order to learn about the principles of work in institutions specialized for preservation, presentation, and promotion of cultural heritage from different historical periods.

On this occasion the participants of the study tour visited the Roman City Carnuntum, Urgeschichtemuseum MAMUZ Schloss Asparn/Zaya, Keltendorf Mitterkirchen and Salina Keltendorf in Austria, as well as the Terramara di Montale and Parco Archeologico Didattico del Livelet in Italy.

Given that the overall objective of the Project is setting up the Archeological park in the Djetinja River Gorge in Uzice and reconstructing the existing Archeological park “Neolithic Settlement” in Tuzla, the experience gained through this study tour will contribute to improvement of management model in archeological parks that are in the focus  of NeoLIFE Project.

Under the expert guidance ensured by representatives of the European Network of Open Air Archeological Parks – EXARC, the participants of the study tour held numerous meetings, talks and consultations related to management, promotion, and animation of visitors.