The project ” Enabling Highly Accelerated and Nourished Comnpetitiveness and Employment- ENHANCE” was presented on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. in the hotel “Palisad” on Zlatibor.

The project holder is Chamber of economy of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Sarajevo, and the partners are the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia of the Zlatibor Administrative District from Uzice and the Center for education and raising awareness of energy efficiency-Energis from Sarajevo.

During the meeting activities and innovative services for small and medium enterprises were presented. Also, through the meeting were presented  tools for market assessment and improvement of innovation capacities, development of product branding strategies and export strategies, development of e-learning capacities, training of SME employees in project preparation and writing, development of guides for access to funds of domestic and international financial institutions.

“Cross-border cooperation is of great importance for our region.  As now, Businessmen always  initiate this cooperation” The focus of the project will be on the problem of lack of workers of certain qualifications. Businessmen from small and medium enterprises will have the opportunity to strengthen their capacities in the field of competitiveness and sustainable employment, “said Ana Lapcevic, representative the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia RPK director.

Mirsad Jašarspahić, Vice President of the FBiH Chamber of Commerce, speaking about the importance of the project in cross-border cooperation, emphasized:

“ We think that we will map all small and medium enterprises that are the basis for attracting larger capital investments. At the end of the project implementation, we will extract at least two key documents that could be the basis for decision makers in our regions. “, pointed out Mirsad Jašarspahić.