At the beginning of the year, the project “SAVE” was successfully completed, which aimed to preserve biodiversity in the river Drina. Also, protection of Serbian spruce was emphasized thought project activities.


Project gathered eminent experts in the field of protection of this endangered species. Milan Mataruga, professor at the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Banja Luka, was at the head of the team that extensively analyzed within the Rogatica forest farm. Direct methods were conducted with aim to help the natural regeneration of spruce in its natural habitat.


Serbian spruce is endemic species of the Balkan Peninsula, whose natural habitats today extend in a narrow area around the middle course of the Drina River. Serbian spruce was protected in 1955, and this spruce is most endangered due to climate change. The fact that number of trees is reducing, so that it may completely disappear in the next 50 years is worrying.


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