The first press conference of the project “White sport and 19th century common cultural and historical heritage as touristic offer of the Municipalities Rudo and Priboj “was held on May 13, 2019 in the Jevdejic’s house in Priboj. The project is co-financed by  the European Union under the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Serbia–Bosnia and Hercegovina 2014-2020.

The press conference was organized with the aim to emphasize the importance of the project for the development of tourism in the municipalities of Priboj and Rudo and with the aim to inform the general public about the activities carried out and the achieved results.

Mr. Lazar Rvović, the President of the Municipality of Priboj, opened the press conference. In the opening speech Mr.  Rvovic pointed out that the municipalities of Priboj and Rudo preformed that they have the capacities to use the funds of the European Union and also through the realization of project activities, the solid cooperation between municipalities has been additionally improved in the realization of IPA projects.

Vladan Radovic,the  director of the Tourist Organization of Priboj, said: “Cooperation between municipalities has been lasting  for nine years. The first two projects had been realized and refer to rafting and the river Lim. This project is a bit out of this frame, since we have captured the cultural historical heritage from the end of the nineteenth century; we are willing to upgrade tennis facilities in this area and I consider we are going in a right direction. ”

The Director of the Public Enterprise for Sport and Tourism-Rudo, Vladimir Bradonjić, emphasized that there are still many opportunities for working on the merging of two municipalities through tourism. “In the coming period, in addition to all major projects, we have to work on our tourism development plans. So we have really excellent potentials here, we need to use with joint forces and possibilities, “said Bradonjić.

 In the following part of the conference Vidoje Didanovic, the project’s financial manager, spoke about the activities carried out and the results achieved, as well as the planned activities until the end of the project.

Savo Derikonjić, director of the Regional Museum in Priboj, stressed the ethnological significance of the Jevđević’s house in Priboj, which construction was completed in 1879.

Speaking about the importance and development of tennis in the municipalities of Priboj and Rudo, Mirko Tošić, the president of Tennis club Priboj 1880, emphasized that tennis arrived in Priboj before it was in Belgrade in 1880, together with the Austrian garrison. The white sport won the town, just three years after Wimbledon, and that fact linked the neighbors again.