Project title: Increasing competitiveness of SMEs and enhancement of cross border links in metal industry – EUMETAL2

Axis:  Economic Development

Budget: SRB € 181,320.48 & BIH € 184,111.81                        Total € 365,432.29

Applicants:  Applicant 1 – Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina

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Applicant 2 – Regional Development Agency “Zlatibor” Ltd – Uzice, Serbia

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Partners: Applicant 1’s partners – Ministry of economy of Canton Sarajevo

Applicant 2’s partners – National Agency for Regional Development

Duration of the Action:  20 months

Overall objective: Improve SME development in metal processing sector in border area in order to improve their competitiveness
Specific objectives: Support provided to 20 SMEs selected in the metal sector in the project area to develop their export potential.
Target groups:   SME/SMI; Professional category
Final beneficiaries: FB1: Other companies from project region not covered by project activities; FB2: Associations of entrepreneurs; FB3: 50 unemployed persons;

FB4: Inhabitants of project region

Estimated results of the action: 1. Lessons learned during EUMetal project in Bosnia presented and promoted to stakeholders in project area; 2. Skills and knowledge of staff from SMEs from border area improved; 3. Targeted SMEs from border area met formal requirements for export on EU markets; 4. Targeted SMEs promoted on regional and international level
Main activities:  1.1. Organisation of kick-off meeting and purchasing required equipment, 1.2. Organisation of project opening conference in Sarajevo, 1.3. Organisation of the B2B meeting, 1.4. Designing and printing Guide for SMEs in metal-processing sector in border area, 2.1. Designing TNA for targeted SMEs, 2.2. Designing curriculum according to TNA, 2.3. Conducting training for management of SMEs, 2.4. Conducting specialized trainings for SMEs according to TNA, 3.1. Conducting research on requirements for export products from metal-processing industry on EU markets, 3.2. Printing and distributing finding from research, 3.3. Mentoring work with SMEs from border area to meet formal requirements for export on EU market, 4.1. Designing joint web site, 4.2. Joint appearance of the SMEs at the Hannover Messe Fair, 4.3. Joint appearance of the SMEs at the MIDEST Fair in Paris, 4.4. Organisation of project closing conference in Užice