On Friday, May 31st, technical service of PUC “Duboko” have organized first collecting of selected waste in Užice schools. Cleaning staff of 12 primary and secondary schools helped in waste collecting and waste has been sent to Regional sanitary landfill of solid communal waste “Duboko” for final selecting.

305 kilograms of selected waste contained: 184kg of paper, 60kg of plastic bottles, 25kg of aluminium cans, 19kg of nylon and 17kg of cardboard packages. Collected waste had high percentage of purity and materials were properly selected by type.

These data have confirmed expectations of schools and PUC, that primary waste selection will be well accepted in schools. On the other hand, economic justification for this activity  is very clear because only after 10 days, significant amount of secondary raw materials has been collected. By the end of school year, PUC “Duboko” is going to collect school waste and in the next school year, waste selection containers will be set in front of schools and special trucks will transport them to “Duboko”

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