Dear beneficiaries, applicants and potential applicants,

In order to prevent situations that may lead to double financing, and therefore to financial and legal consequences for the beneficiary, we draw attention to the obligation that each applicant undertakes by participating in the public call for the award of the contract, that is, by signing the Declaration of Honor (Annex H: Declaration on Honour, Guidelines for grant applicants, which is an integral part of the application package, and with the subsequent signing of the Grant Contract whereby the said Declaration becomes part of the Contract.

With the above declaration, each applicant declares that he has not received any other Union funding to carry out the action subject of this grant application and commits to declare immediately to the contracting authority any other such Union funding it would receive until the end of the action.

We also remind you that for project ideas that are already in the implementation phase, that is, that have already received funds from the European Union funds, it is not allowed to request any other funds.

We recommend you to report to the Contracting Authority or other relevant body, any other funding that your organization receives or has received from public funds, which can in any way be linked to the implementation of the project proposal that is the subject of the grant application or later with the concluded grant contract.