At December 26, 2022, the last education for the fifth group of participants of the Entrepreneurial Academy was completed as part of the project “SYSTEM” .

95 participants successfully completed the academy, which was held in the form of online classes in the following terms:

Group I: 26.09. – 30.09.2022. years,

Group II: 03.10. – 07.10.2022. years,

Group III: 24.10. – 28.10.2022. years,

Group IV: 28.11. – 02.12.2022. years,

Group V: 19.12. – 23.12.2022. years.

The goal of the Entrepreneurship Academy is to encourage everyone, especially young people, to start their own business through this type of education. The education was conducted by lecturers from the Sarajevo Regional Development Agency (SERDA) who have many years of experience in this field.

The program included the transfer of theoretical, practical knowledge and experience through the implementation of six modules, namely: business model development, financial management, business plan development, sales and marketing, human resource management and communication skills.

While attending the academy, participants participated in a series of activities in an online environment (virtual classroom) that include lectures, participation in discussions, individual and group exercises, simulations, debates, and the like. Part of the content was processed using the method of case studies, which include multimedia materials related to thematic areas.

The classes included a high degree of interaction between the participants and each other, as well as between the participants and the trainer through online discussions, e-mail and other online communication tools.

The trainers tried to involve all participants in the work in the most constructive way possible, but they also got involved in discussions, group tasks and the like when they felt it was necessary. Their significant role was related to the evaluation of the students’ tasks and their participation in thematic discussions.

Young people are one of the key target groups of the project, the largest number of participants was from this category (55 people under 30 years of age).

On behalf of the Municipality of Ilijaš, Mirza Marukić said that he hopes that the academy of this format will become a tradition.

The Academy provides a good balance of professional and soft knowledge. By exchanging experience with participants from other areas and with numerous lecturers, one gets an insight into the best practices of entrepreneurship, pointed out Azra Prašović, project manager from the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo.

Suzana Jovanović from Serbia has positive impressions and new knowledge after the education, who emphasized that the academy provided her with a lot of useful information for her business idea “Online mentor for public speaking”. I can praise the organization and teamwork. I noticed that, in addition to the professional attitude, expertise and maximum commitment of the lecturer. For me, participation in the Entrepreneurship Academy crystallized, that is, provided clarity on how our business idea is set up, then developed, and realized. Also, I got insights so that I could improve my work, said Suzana.

The atmosphere during the academy was excellent and very interactive. We were all involved – said Amra Kubat from Sarajevo, adding that the academy was also the initiator of mutual networking. Namely, it is an understatement to say that I am delighted with the training program, the way of presentation and communication. The lecturers are excellent and I would really recommend this type of training with these lecturers to everyone, regardless of whether someone is familiar with the subject or not. There is always something new to learn, and along the way you meet wonderful people, said Amra, who wants to start a business in the field of Reiki healing.