The Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia and the Tara Mountaineering Club held a training course “Preparedness and response in natural disasters” for the students of the high school “Sveti Ahilija” in Arilje, as well as for pensioners in Arilje, The training was organized within the project   “Improved Emergency Preparedness & Coordinated Response in Cross-Border Area of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBC -IePCR)”.

The aim of these trainings is to raise the awareness of the general population and vulnerable groups about the management of natural disasters, i.e. preparedness, response and remediation of the consequences.

Preparedness for responding to natural disasters is enhanced by improving knowledge and capacity. Rescuers from the Mountain Rescue Service answered on the questions  gave expert advice on how to react in various situations. What are the basic security risks, their manifestations and consequences for people, what are the security and protective measures and actions in different situations, how to act timely, calmly and rationally in different emergency situations, providing help to yourself and others, and who and how to contact for professional help are some of the issues.

The training included a theoretical and practical part, as well as examples from everyday practice of participating in actions to eliminate the consequences caused by natural disasters.