As one of the project activities under ” Beekeeping – Activity for Future BAF ” on Januarz 23 2014 in Goražde were held a public tribune with topic ” Status and Prospects of beekeeping in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and adjustments to the requirements and standards of the EU.” The introductory panel was submitted by prof. Dr Velija Katica ,professor at the Veterinary Faculty in Sarajevo .


Participation on public tribune had more participants than expected with over 60 beekeepers who are besides on the proposed theme used attendance of  prof . Katica to ask questions on the treatment of their apiaries in this , winter  season very warm weather .

There were adopted conclusions that will be realized and greatly support the development of beekeeping in our region .

The public tribune was attended by representatives of the Association of Beekeepers from Prijepolje .

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