One of the most recent activities that were implemented under the “SA-ŠA” project was computer training for members of “SA-ŠA” network.

The main goal and purpose of the training were building and enhancing the capacity of Roma population in B&H, along with improvement of the level of knowledge in using computers and internet, in order to become more competitive on the market.

The training was free of charge for participants from Roma population in B&H and Serbia. The training quality was ensured by hiring qualified trainers to conduct the training.

In accordance with the expected results in B&H and Serbia, 120 participants of the training successfully completed the computer training and obtained certificates.

IT edukacija u SarajevuSAMSUNGIT edukacija juni 2014 (2)IT edukacija u SarajevuIT edukacija u Sarajevu juni 2014