Activities of testing children from Sarajevo kindergartens Djeca Sarajeva was organized on Thursday 10 July at the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education. The testing activities represent a part of the activities which need to be implemented within the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina for the realization of the project “ Improving Testing Abilities on Postural and Spinal Column Status-SpineLab”.  This project is financed by the European Union and its implementation is a responsibility of a collaborative partnership between the two project teams, Project Team from the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Novi Sad and the Project Team of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Sarajevo led by dr. Izet Radjo, Project Coordinator.

The main aim of the project is to improve the detection and the prevention of postural disorders in children and youth. In order to accomplish the aim, the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Sarajevo has to complete the testing of children from the age of 5 to 12 because this specific period of growth represents the key period when deformities start to appear and develop, the same deformities that need to be prevented and treated. One of the conditions of project implementation was to purchase highly specialized testing equipment, Professional Motion Analysis Software, CONTEMPLAS, as a reliable, modern tool for diagnosis of postural disorders. Because of its 3D analysis, Contemplas produces more information on postural status compared to the current methods which helped diagnose this problem in the first place. Marking the particular spots on the patient’s body allows for obtaining the precise results. Faculty of Sport in Keln has approved the accuracy of this system. The 3D model contains three cameras with the help of which human’s movement is identified and analyzed from every perspective. Since the analysis of movement and running is the most complex one, this apparatus gives the most detailed analysis to be used for scientific and medical purposes. The Faculty of Sport and Physical Education as a part of its overall mission, has dedicated itself to improving the health status of B&H society, and in doing so next to having a great number of experts it has recognized the need for obtaining highly specialized equipment. The implementation of this project has ensured that the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Sarajevo efficiently and effectively carries out its obligations towards the society.

The first day of testing was organized for the children from two Sarajevo Kindergartens Iskrica and Slavuj. The testing went as planned and the project and research team were very satisfied with parents /children response and with the entire testing process. Parents who were present at the testing expressed great gratitude for the implementation of this kind of project and especially due to the fact that every child receives an individual treatment, in which case the research team members devote considerable effort and time during the postural analysis. The project is implemented by a young and highly ambitious team of experts from the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Sarajevo which was confirmed by Mrs. Jasminka Sahadzic, External Associate whose task is to follow the implementation of this project related to the institution Djeca Sarajeva. This team now has the opportunity, with the help of highly sophisticated equipment for posture analysis, to make great contributions to improving children’s health, as well as to the development of science.

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