The final conference of the EU-funded project “Support for cooperation, inclusion, training and promotion of Roma culture in BiH and Serbia – SA-ŠA“ was held in Sarajevo yesterday. The project aimed to improve the position of Roma population in border areas of BiH and Serbia, and to exchange experiences and develop joint solutions for social problems in these countries.

In the opening part of the conference, assistant mayor of the City of Sarajevo for local self-governance addressed the participants, as well as the „SA-ŠA“ project coordinator Dragana Solakovic, PR officer of Sarajevo Regional Development Agency SERDA, Sanela Dževlan, capacity building coordinator of Hilfswerk Austria International project in BiH, Lejla Brulic, representative of the National Council Roma National Minority – Serbia, Sofka Vasiljkovic and representatives of partners who participated in the implementation of “SA-ŠA” project.

Over the 15-month period, numerous activities were successfully implemented within the “SA-ŠA” project (Sarajevo – Šabac) that contributed to increased level of education and information among Roma population, promotion of their culture and tradition, and breaking stereotypes about Roma national minorities. The informal SA-ŠA network was also established, comprised of members from BiH and Serbia, as well as a close cooperation between network members.

The project value is EUR 295,134.17.

Konferencija u SA Izjava za medije na konferenciji u Sarajevu