Within the project “Cross-border network of natural heritage – CBC Nature NET”, Establishment of the four thematic educational trails in the protected area in Serbia -was successfully implemented, an activity is a direct support to the development of green and sustainable tourist attractions and offers in Serbia.

The activity was carried out within four protected areas: Zlatibor nature park, Special Nature Reserve – Mileševska river, Landscapes of exceptional features „Kamena gora“ and „Ozren – Jadovnik“.

In these protected areas, educational trails are equipped with educational and information boards, poles / tables, trash cans, benches and tourist signs. This activity is responsibility of Srbijašume.

Educational boards on the trails provide information on the history of the protected area, their specific characteristics, endemic species, flora, fauna, as well as the cultural and historical heritage of the protected areas. The purpose of these educational trails is to increase knowledge, raise environmental awareness, but they also contribute to the improvement of the tourist offer.