A two-day training of significant importance for the maintenance and improvement of hiking trails and paths took place at the “Čika Duško Jovanović” Mountain Lodge on Mount Rajac. This initiative is part of the project  “Via Dinarica: Green Trail Above Borders” .

The training brought together representatives of hiking clubs and institutions responsible for protected areas. During this two-day event, participants gained both theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for marking, organizing, and maintaining hiking trails and paths. They learned how to do so in accordance with the rules of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia.

All training participants were awarded certificates that allow them to actively engage in marking trails in their respective areas. This is of great importance for the future of the project “Via Dinarica: Green Trail Above Borders” . The acquired knowledge of marking and trail maintenance techniques will be essential for the upkeep of trails after the project’s completion.

This training serves as an excellent example of how, through joint efforts and with the support of the European Union, the sustainability and quality of hiking on the Via Dinarica trail can be enhanced.