On August 16th, 2014 Public institution for tourism and sport Rudo in cooperation with the Tourist Organization Priboj and municipalities Priboj and Rudo organized the “Seventh International Lim biathlon” (Rafting -Cycling). This unique tourist event drew about 600 visitors from BiH and Serbia with main purpose to link the two countries and promote tourism. Visitors had the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the Drina-Lim canyon which represents one of the few untouched natural oasis in Europe. This is an ideal place for a psycho-physical relaxation and socializing with nature. Thanks to skilled rafters who have completed training in Banja Luka, whose education was completed with the EU funds under the project “Improvement of international biathlon events Lim Priboj Rudo (Setihovo-regatta for all) regatta was successfully defeated beech” Valine “and arrived at their destination.