The exhibition “World War II Monuments with a Focus on the Kadinjača Memorial Complex” was opened at the History Museum of BiH on October 2, 2020 as part of the project “Museum Stories”.

The exhibition is the result of cooperation between the History Museum of BiH and the National Museum of Uzice from Serbia.

Dina Memić, from the History Museum of BiH, said that  exhibition presents the most important monuments of the Second World War with a focus on the Kadinjača memorial complex as an example of their origin and development which, like all other World War II monuments, carries a universal message of heroism and fearlessness.

“The monuments underwent transformations during the disintegration of Yugoslavia, which is also presented in this exhibition. “This exhibition aims to bring the former splendor of the monument closer to the modern observer, but at the same time to find new ways of their interpretation,” Memic pointed out.

Assistant Mayor for European Integration and EU Funds, Mila Eminović, emphasized that the project also aims to strengthen the capacities of museums from BiH and Serbia through the procurement of technical equipment and necessary materials for the work of the museum.

“Today we have two exhibitions, an exhibition delivered by the National Museum of Uzice entitled” World War II Monuments with a focus on the Kadinjača memorial complex “, and in the afternoon the Museum of Literature of BiH hosts an exhibition by academic painter Drago Simić from Loznica” Faces of the Earth, Faces of People ” . With these two exhibitions, we will start the cycle of that cooperation on the project, which includes the cooperation of the museum and the organization of joint exhibitions, “Eminović points out.