High school student dorm in Užice joined our project during the January 2014. With the accommodation capacity of 130 students who are attending one of the 7 Užice`s high schools, this dorm is involved in the Project from the outset. The dorm in Koštica takes equal part in this project, contributing to the fulfillment of project goals.

Certainly, one of the most important goals is continuing education of students, who in this case, have an opportunity to apply acquired knowledge, both in schools and in dormitory. A specificities of this initiative are modern fitted kitchen and refectory, which generate a very specific types of secondary raw material, such as: metal and aluminum cans; PET, cardboard and plastic packaging; foils of different types and composition.

In this way, project ensures its sustainability after the 15 months of implementation and further more motivates the local community to accept the primary selection as an unconditional alternative to the existing waste management methods.