On Thursday, 11/28/2013 in the Šabac’s school of economics and trade the meeting and workshop were organized which was attended by: school director Momcilo Pavlovic, representative of the “Centar za istraživanje i edukaciju TIM” from Novi Sad, Milica Novkov, representatives of Caritas Šabac, professors of school of economics and trade and other professionals engaged as teachers in the implementation of training under the project “Strengthening the professional adult education in rural areas”, which is implemented within the second IPA call – Cross Border Programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina, funded by the European Union from the pre-accession IPA funds.

Project Coordinator in Serbia, Miroljub Nikolic, made a presentation of the whole project, especially emphasizing the goals of the project and the importance of training and capacity building and professional training of adults in rural areas.

The core of the project is the implementation of vocational trainings in seven different areas in order to strengthen professional education and the capacity of adults in rural areas. In order for trainings to be as good as possible, teachers had the opportunity to obtain specific advice and suggestions when it comes to the education of adults from psychologists and psychotherapists Milica Novkov. In addition to the advisory role, her task in the project is to define the methodology, adapting vocational training program materials and preparation of the curriculum, as well as preparation of the manuals with collaboration with the teachers, with the themes covered in each area.

Teachers whose trainings have already started made their impressions and suggestions in working with adults. Representatives of Caritas Šabac have expressed satisfaction with the cooperation with the school for economic and trade and its teachers engaged on the project.