Project title: Agriculture Forecast-Reporting System (AFRS) in the Cross Border Region

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Axis:  I.1/Economic development

Budget: SRB 160,234.40 & BIH 137,645.00                         Total 297,879.4


Beneficiary 1 – Agricultural Extension Service Uzice – Uzice, Serbia

Beneficiary 2 – Federal Institute for Agriculture Ilidza – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina


Beneficiary 1’s partners – Regional Development Agency Zlatibor

Beneficiary 2’s partners – Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency

Duration of the Action:  15 months

Overall objective: To contribute improve the competitiveness of stakeholders in agriculture sector in project area in using land as economic, rural and environmental resource
Specific objective: Establishment of the innovative concept of integrated agriculture production based on IT forecasting and reporting between agriculture extension service providers and production sector in project area
Estimated results of the action:

1. EU best practice models in forecast-reporting system introduced among project stakeholders.

2. System for agriculture reporting and forecasting established;

3. Agricultural producers awareness raised for using information from forecast-reporting systems;

4. Project objectives and results promoted and disseminated.

Main activities:  1.1. Organization of two-day Conference “EU best practice models in forecast-reporting systems “; 2.1. Purchasing and installing 20 agriculture weather stations in Serbia; 2.2. Purchasing and installing 15 agriculture weather stations in BiH; 2.3. Creating and installing forecasting – reporting information system in Uzice; 2.4. Collecting information and filling in existing databases necessary for system functioning; 3.1. Creating awareness raising campaign plan; 3.2. Realization of awareness raising campaigns; 4.1. Inauguration action in all municipalities of project region; 4.2. Promotion of action results and objectives throughout project region; 4.3. Organization of the project final conference and evaluation of the project.