Project title: SA-ŠA Support to cooperation, inclusion, education and promotion of Roma culture in BiH and Serbia

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Axis:  Measure 1.1 Social Cohesion

Budget: SRB € 155,052.17 & BIH € 140,082.00                        Total € 295,134.17

Applicants:  Applicant 1 – City of Sarajevo – Sarajevo, Bosnia and Hercegovina

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Applicant 2 – National Council of Roma in Serbia – Regional office Sabac –Sabac, Serbia

Partners: Applicant 1’s partners – SERDA

Applicant 2’s partners – N/A

Duration of the Action:  15 months

Overall objectives:

The overall objective is to support social inclusion of Roma population in the border area of Bosnia and Serbia.

Specific objective: Project partners will seek to influence the situation of Roma in the border area of the two countries in terms of reducing the differences between Roma and other citizens; will treat the vital areas that are of particular importance for inclusion in the social trends and improving  economic and social status of Roma such as education , health care, the status of women, better informing, developing of  Roma own cultural identity, cooperation and experience exchange with neighboring organizations dealing with Roma issues, discrimination and raising awareness about necessary inclusion of Roma in all social processes, which is aligned with strategies relating to improving the situation of Roma in both countries.
Target groups:   Roma population in the border region of Serbia (Sabac, Bogatic, Koceljeva, Loznica-where is approximately 13 000 Roma in the total population ) and B& H (included: the City of Sarajevo, Visoko, Kakanj Kiseljak municipalities where is approximately 10 000 Roma in the total population).NGOs and the Association of Roma of Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (it is estimated that there are about 50 NGOs in the border area)- that will connect to share experiences and find solutions to common social problems, as well as finding opportunities for further joint action.
Final beneficiaries: Roma, Citizens and the wider community that through the project will be familiarized  with the problems that the Roma population face every day, have the opportunity to see the importance of social inclusion of Roma into society, but they will also provide an opportunity to meet with Romas at the second-positive way
Estimated results of the action:

–  Established cross-border cooperation through an informal network of NGOs

– Promoted  culture and tradition of Roma in the cross border region of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia with the aim of preserving their own identity and raised level of public awareness about the need of  breaking prejudices about the Roma population and their integration into social life in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

– Developed educational modules for the Roma population with the aim of their social inclusion

Main activities:

1. Networking– Identifying NGOs and Roma Associations in the cross boredr area of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and establish an informal network of NGOs/Roma Associations in the cross border area

2. Procurement of IT equipment for networking

3. PCM education and writing projects education

4. Creation of website for the network

5. Regional Conferences

6. Fair / Exhibition promotion of culture, tradition …) (1 in BiH, 1 in Serbia)-Organizing 2 fairs-exhibitions (promotion of culture and tradition-artistic and literary creation, photography, national costumes etc.) and  (traditional crafts, traditional Roma kitchen, traditional games and songs etc.)

7. Preparation and publication of a brochure about the project  – make a brochure which will present all  the project activities (with a focus on promoting culture and traditions) common for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

8. Presentation and promotion of the life and work of Sofka Nikolic –Present/promote the life and work  of Sofka Nikolic-a Roma singer, through the organizing event s„ Nights devoted to Sofkas music“

9. Organization of education – computers and internet

10. Organization of education – Roma women – Organizing the education for Roma women in Serbia (Municipalities Sabac, Bogatic, Koceljeva i Loznica)

11. Organizing seminars – the path to employment , reproductive health, premature births and abortions, human rights and gender equality,  the importance of inclusion in education and the importance of civil registration