On Wednesday, 26th April 2013, in the premises of Caritas Šabac, a meeting was held of local partners and associates in the project: “Strengthening professional adult education in rural areas”, funded by the European Union pre-accession IPA funds and implemented by Caritas Šabac.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of the City of Šabac, National Employment Office (Šabac), Center for Social Work, Tourism Organization of Šabac and representatives of Caritas Šabac.

Purpose of the joint meeting was to inform local partners with the project, plan and programme of activities realization and to define criteria for the users of the project and to create questionnaire for selection. Local partners have recognized importance of the realization of this project, both, for the sectors they belong and for the local community. With their active participation and suggestions they are willing to contribute to the quality realization of the project activities.