On 18th October, 2013, at the premises of the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there was a follow-up meeting of the Project Team of the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, University of Sarajevo. All the members of the Project Team submitted brief reports on their work on the project, whereby the special attention was dedicated to the process of preparation of purchase of the specialized medical testing equipment, according to the propositions of the IPA project.
Furthermore, the report on cooperation with the partner team from Serbia was submitted, whereby the project leader Prof. PhD. Izet Ra?o observed the noted primacy of our team and the expressed dynamization of all the activities that are, in accordance with the deadlines of the IPA project, performed with a great success by the Project Team of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Sarajevo.
In addition, there was a brief presentation on the financial progress of the project and the arrangement of the status issues of all the individuals involved in the project. Moreover, there was a presentation of a map of locations where professional testing will be performed, whereby generalities of chosen institutions, in which IPA project will be implemented, are excluded. A list of necessary institutions was composed, as well as the list of the competent authorities that need to be contacted in order to obtain necessary authorizations for practical implementation of the project.