A group of 30 primary school students, from Bogatic and Bijeljina, along with their teachers, have visited Austrian town of Gussing and the European Center for Renewable Energy Sources, wich is a partner on the project ‘Bogatic and Bijeljina Together on the way towards energy sustainability through increasing energy efficiency and promotion of renewable energy sources”.

The purpose of the trip was to become familiar with basic principles of energy sustainability through use of renewable energy sources, increase of energy efficiency, as well as with an example of a good practice energy managing within local self-government.

The town of Gussing is located in East Austria, and became worldwide known by achieving extraordinary level of energy independence and sustainable energy management.

During the five-day visit, students had a comprehensive program: seeing 3 energy plants that produce electric and heat energy from biomass and biogas. Afterwards, they were presented training and education within the field of getting electrical energy from the sun.

Also, students have visited local Scholl of Agriculture, seeing a school biogas plant as well as a horse stable.

The fourth day was reserved for a trip to Vienna and a visit to the museum of Technology, where educational tour related to understanding advantages and necessity of renewable sources use and increase in energy efficiency was concluded.

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