Secondary school students in the cross-border region of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, who participated in seminars organized to familiarize the participants on youth policies and activism, have implemented the local actions in their communities in order to address some of the indentified problems that young people have been facing on a daily basis. After their participation in the seminars, the secondary school students worked on the implementation of the local action plans which they created and designed during the seminars they attended earlier in Bijeljina, Ruma, Srebrenica and Zlatibor.

Thus, young people form Bijeljina organized the local action called „Let’s get to know each other!“. The aim of this action was to reach out as many young people as possible with the provisions of the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the special attention was given to the treatment of environmental issues within the Constitution. In addition, the secondary school students from Bijeljina who attended the workshops had an opportunity to learn more about the activities realized by youth organizations existing in the area of Bijeljina Municipality. They also obtained the information on youth policies and youth actions, which have been performed so far in this region.

The humanitarian concert of the ethno music group „Kimval“, which was named „Extend a hand of friendship“ was organized at the Center for Culture and Information in Foca. This concert was organized as the final event within the humanitarian action envisaged to help two socially endangered families from the Foca Municipality. During the one-hour concert, the ethno music group “Kimval”, together with the choir of the Faculty of Theology, performed a large number of different compositions from their repertoire. This humanitarian action was initiated by the secondary school students from Foca.

Students of the Secondary School Center “Ivo Andrić” from Visegrad implemented their local action called “No Thanks, I Prefer a Condom” aimed to increase the awareness of young people about sexual and reproductive health. During the local action, in total of 45 secondary and primary school students from Visegrad, aged 14 – 17, learned more about the most frequent problems facing adolescents, sexually transmitted diseases and their prevention, as well as the importance of use of contraceptives.

The local actions which were implemented in Bijeljina and Foca will be presented at the youth cross-border conference, which will be organized June 19-20, 2014 in Uzice as the final event within the project “Youth – Most Important Driving Engine of our Region”. This project is funded by the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina, within the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project has been implemented by partner organizations – the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Republika Srpska and the Center for Equitable Regional Development – CenTriR.


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