Members of rafting club ” Valine ” Rudo , with three boats and equipment acquired under the project Improvement of the International Lim Biathlon manifestation Priboj-Rudo (Setihovo)- Regatta for all on their own initiative and with the financial assistance of the municipality of Rudo ( provided transportation and food) came to help flooded municipality Bijeljina . Ten young men : Jovan Tubic , Goran Gardović , Nemanja Djurovic , Gordana Djurovic , Stefan Radičević , George Toković , Dragan Savic Darko Jakovljevic , Stefan Prelović , Nenad Bradonjić and Milan Mićević rushed to help residents of the Velika Obarska , Velino villages and Brodac . Members of rafting club rescued from the roof terrace women, children, the elderly and the sick, delivered food and water and opened the barn to safe animals and evacuated rural households. According to Jovan Tubić . “It ‘s terrible , the water was up to the window . We got over 200 people including 30 children. We evacuated the entire village , the worst was in the village of Velino and Brodac … ” . The same impression is transferred and Nenad Bradonjić … ” It was horrible , all was submerged for kilometers, the bodies of animals , night , desperate people who have left everything …” . Club members are proud to be able to help, but from other side unhappy about what happened to our people.

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