Programme: CBC SRB-BiH 2014-2020
Call for Proposals: 2nd
Contract No. 48-00-00079/2019-28-12 signed on 24/05/2021
Project Title: Support to establishment and improvement of Self-emploYment SupporT mEchanisMs through cooperation between innovative local communities and new businesses in the cross border region – SYSTEM
Specific objective of the Programme: 1.1. Enhancing the employability of the labour force, and increasing the employment opportunities
Programmes’ result: 1.1.3: Unemployed persons obtained new practical skills in real working environments, based on the labour market demand and similarities at both sides of the border
Project budget: Total contract amount (€):


Contracted amount

EU (€)123.167,97


% of total contract amount: 80,87%

Beneficiaries of funds: Lead applicant: Co-applicants:
Municipality of Novo Sarajevo, BiH  

–          Municipality of Ilijaš, BiH

–          National Youth Council of Serbia, Belgrade, SRB

Location of the action: BiH: Municipalities Novo Sarajevo, Ilijaš SRB: Municipalities of Sremska Mitrovica and Loznica  
Target groups: Young unemployed, graduates, long-term unemployed, women, other vulnerable categories
Commencement date and project duration: 25/05/2021, 24 months
Overall objective: Overall objective is to contribute to the enhancement of socio-economic development in the cross-border area between the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, by carrying out targeted and concrete actions based on the comparative advantages of the program area and the joint, efficient use of resources
Specific objective(s): Specific objective is to increase employment opportunities through joint activities to develop new mechanisms to support self-employment, through the application of new methodologies in the cross-border area of B&H and Serbia, through the implementation of joint programs, education, the transfer of know-how and awareness-raising activities
Estimated results: R1. Established mechanisms to support youth self-employment through strengthened capacities and improved cooperation between relevant stakeholders in the field of business support.

R2. Strengthened business and entrepreneurial skills and capacity of young people for starting business

R3. Raised awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship development among stakeholders and the general public.

Main activities

(in relation to the estimated results of the action):

1.1. Establishing cooperation between local employment partnerships; 1.2. Development of tools for support to local communities: Development of a database of business entities from partner municipalities;

1.3. Development of a Local Action Plan for Employment and Self-Employment;

1.4. Development of entrepreneurship support tools: Shared knowledge base and virtual meeting-place and other tools and

1.5. Classroom and on-job training for new mentors.


2.1. Criteria development, public announcement and selection of trainees for self-entrepreneurship training;

2.2. Organizing self-entrepreneurship training for Serbia and BiH;

2.3. Providing education in the segment on how to identify and develop an innovative product for students from Serbia and BiH,

2.4. Mentoring support for the most successful trainees based on business ideas developed during the training;

2.5. Transfer of best business practices for students from Serbia and BiH.


3.1. Supporting involvement in international networks for entrepreneurs, applying for EU funds and finding and using credit and other sources of financing;

3.2. Creating a Guide how to start your own business and Creating a movie and publication Successful entrepreneurial stories and

3.3. Study visit to Croatia or Slovenia