Programme: CBC SRB-BiH 2014-2020
Call for Proposals: 1st
Application No: 15
Contract No. 48-00-00046/2016-28-6 signed on July 6th, 2019
Project Title: Safeguarding Unique Biodiversity of Drina Valley Environment
Specific objective: SO 2.1: Improving sustainable environmental planning and promotion of biodiversity
Result: R 2: The protection of the Drina and Sava river catchment areas and the promotion of their biodiversity is fostered
Project budget: Total contract amount (€): Contracted amount EU (€) and

% of total contract amount:

€  194,328.32 €  165,179.07


Beneficiaries of funds: Lead applicant: Co-applicants:
 Public enterprise “Nacionalni park Tara” Bajina Bašta BiH

 Public forestry enterprise “Šume Republike Srpske”Sokolac

Location of the action: SRB: BiH:
Municipality Bajina Basta Municipalities Visegrad, Srebrenica, Rogatica, Foca, Milici
Target groups: 2 Management organization for protected areas and forests,

2 Institutes for nature conservation,

5 Scientific Institutions,

9000 children and youth,

6 local communities,

civil organizations for nature

Commencement date and project duration: July 7th, 2019, 18 months
Overall objective: To  contribute to conservation and promotion of the region’s biodiversity through joint development actions in the field of nature protection of endangered species
Specific objective(s) or project purpose: To foster the protection and promotion of the most valuable biodiversity  features in the Drina catchment area  through innovative tools for conservation of Omorika natural sites
Activities and results of the project


RESULT NO. 1:  Improved management of endangered Omorika natural sites

       Activity no. 1.1.: Assessment of endangerment status of   omorika populations


       Activity no. 1.1.1: Assessment of endangerment status of   omorika populations using new technologies and remote sensing

       Activity no. 1.1.2: Procurement and implementation of drone technology and mapping

       Activity no. 1.2 Assessment and implementation of  Study with Genetically research in  Serbia and Bosnia

       Activity no. 1.2.1.Procurement of 4×4 vehicle for Forest of Srpska

       Activity no. 1.3: Development of joint Management plan with monitoring program

       Activity no. 1.4: Drafting biodiversity maps

       Activity no. 1.5: Implementation of procedure for ex situ conservation of omorika and  production of  seedlings

       Activity no. 1.6: Active management on one site of omorika


RESULT NO. 2 : Developed and established partnership between nature conservation institutions

       Activity no. 2.1: Organization of  the Thematic Conference : Saving unique biodiversity of Drina Valley

RESULT NO. 3: Raised awareness about biodiversity among local communities, national and regional public and visitors

       Activity no. 3.1:  Education toolkit development and production

       Activity no. 3.2: Biodiversity day event celebration

Activity no. 3.3: Marking of natural stands of Serbian  Spruce

Activity no. 3.4: Mobile exhibition producing

Activity no. 3.4: Printing of visibility materials(pen, leaflet, banner,  beg, folder)

Activity no. 3.4: Organization of two press conferences.

Activity no. 3.4: Short movie production