Programme: CBC SRB-BiH 2014-2020
Call for Proposals: 1st
Application No: 65
Contract No. 48-00-00046/2016-28-1signed on 12/29/2018
Project Title: New life of Neolithic heritage in recognized natural areas of great importance – NeoLIFE
Specific objective: 3.2: Strengthening the cultural identity of the programme area
Result: 2: The historical and natural heritage and traditions of the cross-border area are better preserved
Project budget: Total contract amount (€): Contracted amount EU (€) and

% of total contract amount:

€ 593,939.96 € 449,850.13


Beneficiaries of funds: Lead applicant: Co-applicants:
City of Uzice SRB:

Art School Uzice


City of Tuzla

Municipality of Milici

Location of the action: SRB: BiH:
Uzice Tuzla
Target groups: ·         Cities of Tuzla and Uzice,

·         Uzice National Museum,

·         PUC Panonika,

·         5 educational institutions in Serbia and B&H,

·         10 professional associations,

·         5 eminent individuals,

·         2 local and 2 regional tourism organizations,

·         10 tour operators, 10 tour guides, 4000 school’s students

Commencement date and project duration: 12/30/2018, 18 months
Overall objective: Contribution to the cultural identity enhancement of the Serbia-B&H cross-border area through efficient cooperation between the cross-border partners on revitalisation of the Zlatibor district and Tuzla Canton’s cultural heritage
Specific objective(s) or project purpose: Preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of the cities of Uzice and Tuzla through establishment and promotion of the sustainable cultural heritage simulation models based on networking and the process of experience transfer between partners in the cross-border area.
Activities and results of the project


RESULT NO. 1: Replica of the Gradina archaeological site dating back to the Neolithic Period installed in the City of Uzice, and the existing replica of the Pannonica Neolithic settlement in Tuzla reconstructed

Activity no. 1.1: Installing of the NeoArch Park in Uzice

Activity no. 1.2: Equipping the permanent installation and arrangement of the NeoArch Park in Uzice

Activity 1.3: Reconstruction of existing replica of the Pannonica Neolithic settlement in Tuzla

RESULT NO. 2: Established visitors animation contents in both archaeological parks

Activity no. 2.1: Arrangement of the ambient environment of the archaeological parks in Uzice and Tuzla

Activity no. 2.2: Improving contents and equipment of the Geological Museum Pannonica exhibition in Tuzla

Activity no. 2.3: Training of 10 local tour guides

Activity no. 2.4: Designing workshops for the visitors animation

RESULT NO. 3: Joint cultural heritage visible and promoted

Activity no. 3.1: Drafting the joint plan for promotion and communication

Activity no. 3.2: Designing the joint promotional material

Activity no. 3.3: Marking/signposting of the NeoArch Park in Uzice for tourist guiding

Activity no. 3.4: Media campaign and press release

Activity no. 3.5: Promotion at the key tourism destinations in the surroundings

Activity no. 3.6: Promotion aimed at the youngest ones at the Archaeological Parks

RESULT NO. 4: The management and further development models established in the city of Uzice based on experience of the partners from Tuzla

Activity no. 4.1: Establishing the management model of newly developed NeoArch Park in Uzice

Activity no. 4.2: Establishment of development model of cultural and natural protected area ”micro unit Klisura in Uzice”

Activity no. 4.3: Identification of the locality for the cultural and historical heritage valorisation in the Municipality of Milici and drafting the best used concept

Activity no. 4.4: Project management