Measure I.1– Improving the productivity and competitiveness of the area’s economic, rural and environmental resources


Project Title:  Environment friendly, New and Organic approach to Agriculture in the cross border region of Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina – Eno Agri

Project Budget:

  Project Value EU Contribution
Republic of Serbia € 150,123.75 € 126,614.37
Bosnia and Herzegovina € 239,190.00 € 203,311.50
TOTAL € 389,313.75 € 329,925.87  



Beneficiary of funds in the Republic of Serbia: Directorate for Agriculture and Commodity Reserves of the City of Valjevo

Beneficiary of funds in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Union of Associations of organic producers of the Federation BIH

Partners: Sarajevo Economic Regional Development Agency SERDA, Municipality Sjenica, Regional Chamber of Commerce Valjevo



Area of implementation:

  • Serbia:
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina:


The target groups of the project: producers with certified organic production, potential producers of organic products, people from target area, consumers, associations of organic producers, producers of organic products/farm holders and workers


Project duration: 01.06.2013. – 30.04.2015.


Project objectives:

The overall objectives: Improvement of the competitiveness of the rural cross border area of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia through enhancement of agriculture

The specific objectives of the project: Strengthening and enhancement of organic agricultural production and capacity building in this sector


Activities and results of the project


The purpose of the project was to promote organic production, as well as to contribute to certain support potentials of organic products. At the same time the project should have strengthened and promoted some organic products from project’s area to become competitive on the international market.


The project activities included Identification of relevant stakeholders, creation of a regional organic brand and marketing strategy, joint trainings, study visits to fairs, analysis of the EU policy for enhancement of the organic, Establishment of a “Centers of excellence” in Sarajevo and reinforcement of the “Centeres of excellence” in Sjenica and Valjevo. The Centers of excellence were established with the aim to be a contact point for organic production.


In order to raise awareness for an environmentally-friendly, new and organic approach different promotion activities were conducted. It was performed through organizing the conference and organic agriculture events for kids and establishing project website . At the same time the idea was to motivate consumers to use organic products.  Also regional fair was organized in Sarajevo, where 32 organic agricultural producers from BiH and Serbia have had the chance to promote their products to a wide audience.


It has been proven that Organic approach is useful for the consumers. Users are offered the organic healthy product what at the same time gives contribution in protecting the environment.