Four-coloured waste separation bins have arrived at Užice primary and secondary schools, thus this process is practically introduced between the pupils in city on Djetinja, Four-coloured bins: yellow for PET packaging, blue for paper, green for cans and cardboard packaging and brown bins for other types of waste. All waste bins are evenly placed in school fascilities, in accordance with their size, fascilities structure or number of students. In this way, we want to achieve the optimal ratio of waste and containers, in order to establish an adequate dynamics of waste discharge and transportation to “Duboko” Waste Separation Line.

Pupils in Užice have showed great interest in waste separation and will to contribute to preservation of environment. Knowledge gained through the education and extra-curricular activities for students, like ecology section, thus can be applied practically.

Placing the containers in front of schools, for waste disposal until its transportation to Public Utility Company “Duboko” Waste Separation Line, is planned for the future.

Video about this topic is emitted on “Lav” TV station and can be seen here.

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