In Ljubovija, on December 15th 2016, in the presence of large number of respectable guests, presidents of municipalities, guests from the region, representatives of other institutions, as well as representatives of national and local media, the Kick-of event was held, in which the project “Let Ljubovija, Bratunac, Srebrenica and Krupanj build JOINT FUTURE for sustainable development and prosperity by managing their rivers and bringing together their capacities – Zajednička budućnost” was presented. Within the event, press conference was held, at which, among others, representatives of partner municipalities emphasized the great significance and importance of the project for their local communities and the entire region.
After the press conference, occasional cocktail party was organized for all guests.

On official YouTube channel of the project you can find a part of material which the media was recorded can be found here.

Detailed about the project “Joint Future” you can read on the project website

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