In the scope of implementation of the project „Emergency response now – ERNOW“ were established two Working Groups related to flood protection and rescue system , one on BiH side – WG 1 and one on Serbian partner’s side WG 2.
On 07.12.2016, in Brcko, was held meeting of WG 1 members where the following topics were discussed:
– Summary of activities carried out;
– Preparations and instructions for the first IMWG (Inter Municipal Working Group) meeting scheduled for 14.12.2016, in Šid;
– Harmonization of WG 1 in regards to coordination within the project activities and its implementation;
– Deliberation regarding improvement of activities of authorities and institutions responsible for response in extraordinary situations in cross-border region;
– Consideration of existing capacities and possibility for improvement of resources of the civil protection units and teams for rescue in extraordinary situations through purchase of equipment: vehicles, boats rubber and aluminum, handheld radio stations, water pumps, drone, GPS handheld and for vehicle, uniforms, diving suits, etc.
– Upcoming activities of WG members.
– Brief analyze and assessment of former experiences with accent on floods that occurred in May 2014. Analyzed and assessed was also current situation in field of rescue from floods and other natural disasters.
– Possible proposals of ToR’s drafts with a goal to improve system of protection and rescue and undertaking necessary activities.
– Harmonization with partners from Brod Municipality.
The meeting was assessed as very constructive and useful for WG1 members .