Operating Structures of the Cross-Border Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Joint Technical Secretariat of the Programme, with the support of the Delegations of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia and to Bosnia and Herzegovina, are organizing workshop on most common mistakes during preparation of project proposals.

The workshops will be heldin Banja Vrujci (Serbia) in hotel Vrujci.

The Workshop based on common mistakes aims to point out good and bad sides of the applications from the previous two calls in order to help future applicants improve their applications and score more points during the evaluation.

We invite all interested potential applicants to confirm their participation in the workshops at the e-mail address vladislav.vlajic@srb-bih.org.

In case any of the workshops is postponed due to the objective reasons (bad weather conditions for example), an information will be sent to participants via e-mail.

Agenda for the workshop can be downloaded  here.

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