CROSS SPA project has continued to work on defining a joint health tourism product with the members of public, private and non-governmental sector in a 2-day workshop in Therme Ilidza, in Sarajevo on 10 and 12 December 2013.

Professor Almir Pestek led 30 participants through the process of identication of the opportunities for improving the existing and developing new offering and new market performance (market penetration of new products). Cross-border teams of travel agencies, non-governmental organizations, hotels and special hospitals have designed the wellbeing programmes.

The president of the Medical SPA Association of Serbia, a member of the Balkan SPA Academy board,  prim. dr Gorana Isailovic, introduced the participants to global trends and development opportunities of the Medical Spa concept within the Balkan Spas brand. The attendees discussed the possibility of introducing new Balkan Medical Spa programmes, such as: Health from nature academy programme, Healthy hotel program, Mindfulness Center programme, and were familiar with the project “Balkan Spa forest hammam”.

The platform for the joint product, which includes combination ot the influence of the nature, ethnology and tradition on health, has been set.

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