Within the project survey on creative sector in Western Serbia and Eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, conducted by organisations Academica/Centre for Creative Economy Research from Belgrade, Forca from Pozega and OIA from Sarajevo, a document accompanying the conclusions and recommendations from the conference “Creative tensions”, held in Tuzla until November 2nd 2013, has been published.

More than a 130 people attended the conference, including city officials, representatives of local governments, civil initiatives, enterprises, institutions, artists and creative individuals who all made active contributions to the better understanding of the conference’s topic,  raising the awareness about the need for ongoing development of the creative sector, understood as one of the pillars of the local sustainable development. This document, consisted of the conclusions and recommendations, represents the sublimation of their views, opinions and knowledge, and it is intended for the decision makers on a local and state level, representatives of the creative sector and for all those interested parties (stakeholders) engaged in the development of creative economy in the cities in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The document was submitted to the local governments and state authorities.

M. Milojevic-A. Djeric